Frequently Asked Questions​

There are two versions available. A hybrid yacht (with electric and endothermic propulsion) and a Full-Electric yacht. The latter is equipped with an endothermic Extended Range system which is only used for recharging, while the propulsion is 100% electric.

No, it is not. However, each craft is combined with a solar panel system that supplies 50 kWp for each yacht. Solar panels systems are all installed in Vertus™ Energy photovoltaic power stations.

Yes, it does. Our yacht can reach a maximum speed of 34 KN, like the average
cruisers and yachts in this category.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals. We decided to blend our endless
love for boating and technology to create the ambitious project we call Vertus™.

We are pretty sure there isn’t anything else like Vertus™. There is no yacht on the
market that can compare to us in terms of performance and features right now.

Our idea of green goes beyond clichés. We believe electric propulsion is about
technology, performance, reliability and last, but not least, optimization of

Being green is not only linked to electric propulsion, but is closely related to a
sustainable approach to energy production. If the energy to power your electric car
comes from coal or other non-sustainable sources, can you really say you are living
according a green approach?
Our Energy Cloud system aims to offer a sustainable and green solution to this ethic

Our yachts are equipped with high-density NCM lithium batteries and state of the
art propulsion engines with high-efficiency permanent magnets.